Monday, March 31, 2008

100 Word Story (week 8)

Sarah could hardly swallow with the lump in her throat let alone finish her dinner. She knew the news she was about to share with her husband of fifteen years was about to change everything.

"Is everything OK, Sarah? You look like you're in a bit of shock."

Sarah reached in her bag and gave him a small package.
As soon as he opened it, he knew what it was. Tears wildly fell off his face with excitement, "Your pregnant?"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amish in Denver?

I took Susanna to the Children's museum the other day to meet the cast of Finding Nemo on Ice. I drove my long 67 Olds across town to go to this event. I fought with all the other mini vans and SUV's to find a parking spot in this abnormal shaped parking lot. Actually I gave up quite quickly and parked so far away Susanna thought I had changed my mind and was driving away. We parked, got out the stroller and diaper bag and started to head in the building passing all the other SUV's on foot while they still circled around. (he-he)

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a giant bottle of hand sanitizer that we had to lather ourselves with. I think we were cleaner then then we were when I had my baby at the hospital. For those who only have one or two kids, once you have your third you just don't care anymore. As I recall I had enough people in my delivery room for a football team. It was ridiculous and you think anyone washed there hands? I think not. At least I know I didn't.

Anyway, we are sterile now walking around to her favorite play areas. She played for about a hour before they call over the loud speaker we can line up to meet Nemo, which we did. We waited 45 minutes in line waiting to meet Nemo. When we were two families away from meeting him a lady came out and announced they will be taking a small break for Nemo to rest. Are you kidding me? Rest? Rest what? I'm the one standing in line for almost a hour with two kids, which one has a dirty diaper but I try to ignore it and pass it off as being the two brats in front of us. I will have to admit I did enjoy being behind those terrors because it made mine look like little angels. But what I found extremely interesting was this family behind us. They had six well behaved kids all wearing homemade clothes and the girls wore head scarves with their hair in two thick braids. They looked like they were Amish but I don't remember passing the horse and carriage along with the mini vans in the parking lot. Hmm, they have me puzzled. The way the kids were certainly behaving as Amish. I'm dying to know what their story is and how on earth did they get their six kids to behave so pleasantly. Inside I'm convinced they are Amish. They have to be they look it, act it, snif, even smell like it. What else would they be? Yup, they are Amish. Wait a minute. What do I see in the dad's ear? No, it can't be! A bluetooth? What? Are you kidding? Bluetooth? They can't be Amish now. In fact , that would make me more Amish then they are with a bluetooth in his ear. Boy, tables have turned quickly.

By this time the line was moving and were next. Susanna went up to Nemo said hello, gave him a hug, and said good bye. We were rushed out of there so fast I never got a chance to figure out who or what that family was all about. We walked back slowly to the car when I noticed a hummer parked close to our Oldsmobile. I couldn't help wonder if that was their horse carriage.

Friday, March 7, 2008


"There was music, the kind that never went away: the Stones and the Doors, Janis Joplin, very early Pink Floyd. It was one of those evenings." Looking at Sam I knew I had his attention. "The candle glow provided enough light to see the last few pages of my latest mystery. I took a sip of Bordeaux and put a little more hot water in the tub. I anxiously read to find out who actually killed Kate. In my mind it was between Jack and Sylvia. During Beast of Burden my novel slipped from my hands, drowning in the suds..."

100 Word Challenge

Wyoming Mug

"Large coffee, please" I placed my ceramic mug on the counter.
Looking at the mug, the barista asked, "Are you visiting? Or just a big fan of Wyoming?"
I never noticed how obnoxious my mug was with large pink letters spelling Wyoming! A little embarrassed I smiled, "Know what? I think I'll order a latte instead"
He smiled back and headed to the bar. The sound of the milk steaming filled the café with a loud high-pitched hiss. He poured the milk into my cup just right.
"What kind of latte art is that?"
"It's a snowman blowing across Wyoming"

100 Word Challenge

Are We All The Same?

If we buy our clothes from the same fashion store, aren't we all the same?

If we buy our food at the same big food chain, aren't we all the same?

If we read the same fashion magazines, aren't we all the same?

If we listen to the same radio station, aren't we all the same?

If we watch the same TV show, aren't we all the same?

If we celebrate the same Holiday's, aren't we all the same?

If we drive the same car, aren't we all the same?

If we live in the same type of house, aren't we all the same?

If we eat the same foods, aren't we all the same?

If we style our hair as the celebs do, aren't we all the same?

If we dance the same dance, aren't we all the same?

What makes you so different? Or, are you the same as everybody else? Are you trying to be the same so you don't stand out? You don't want anybody to notice you because you are afraid of what they may think and it would be horrible if they thought anything bad even though you don't know them.


Monday, March 3, 2008

The Big Cover-Up

We all made fun of them. Your guilty just as much as I am. I'm talking about older men who would walk around shamelessly with their hair combed ridiculously over their bald head thinking nobody would notice that they had no hair up there. You know, the comb-over? We all knew what was going on. Just a big cover up.

Well, I'm sad to say that the cover-up is back! Yes, today we have so many men walking around thinking they are fooling us. But, no more! I am on to them.

Know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about the famous jaw-line goatee. The only purpose of this hideous facial hair is to outline where the jaw line is suppose to be but no longer is because of over indulging. Come on guys, your not fooling anyone! Give it up!

Jaw-line goatee=yesterday's comb over

Tennis, Oldsmobile and 500 Scooters

Andrew and I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning here in Denver. The sun was out but the air was still cool, my mother had our two older kids for the night so Andrew and I decided to take this opportunity to play tennis together.

After a peaceful breakfast of raw oatmeal and raisins we got ready to leave. Having a dog for two years we didn't have a single tennis ball as they were her favorite to play chase with. Somehow we would lose them, find them, loose them, find them all brown, slimy and furry. When we actually want to use what the balls were designed for we had none to speak of.

Andrew rode his bike about fifteen blocks to City Park to check for balls left in the bushes or outside the courts by previous players who would rather buy more balls then pick up the ones the hit outside the court. As always, he found a bunch of balls that look like they have been used once.

Back home, I was getting myself and the baby ready. I loaded up Josephine into our 1967 Oldsmobile. What a car, a four door Delta 88 custom that looks like it belongs at pier instead of on the road. The size of it's trunk alone is the same size of most vehicles today. How we landed this beast is another story entirely.

I drive off heading to City Park to meet Andrew, eagerly anticipating the first form of aerobic exercise since being pregnant. Waiting at a traffic light, strangely I noticed turning on the same street I was on were about thirty Vespa scooters. They all seemed to know each other because they were laughing and talking with one one another. The light turned green for me and it didn't take me long to catch up to the posse. I follow them for about two blocks until I looked in my review mirror and saw at least sixty more scooters. Where the hell are these scooters coming from?

Turns out I was right in the middle of a scooter parade benefiting the Children's Hospital of Denver. There were hundreds of these sporty scooters that morning and I, driving the biggest car possible on the earth was the core of the parade. When I finally arrived to the courts I greeted Andrew with the tennis rackets, the baby and 500 scooters.

Strike, Strike, Strike!

OK girls, Don't you hate it when you spend 10 extra minutes in the shower shaving and then as soon as you walk out of the bathroom you get blasted with cold air and goosebumps appear? Now, we all know what comes with goosebumps... prickly stubble. All that precious time waisted.

Well, I'm here to say, No More! I'm boycotting shaving for the winter, yes, I'm on strike. Tired of being under appreciated of all the hard work in the shower. And for what? A little vanity? No thanks!

Here is a list of activities you can do with all your saved time:

read the comics
drink an extra cup of coffee
make waffles
polish your shoes
read a chapter in your novel
have sex
walk around the block
build a house out of Lincoln Logs
write a letter
have a glass of wine
listen to a record
play dominoes
learn how to swing dance

Come on girls, throw away your razors and join my Warm and Fuzzy Club. Who's with me? What are you going to do with your time saved?

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Opposite Week

Hello fellow readers! I know there are a lot of you; but only a few of you actually respond to what I have to say, kudos to you if you do and ugh! to those who don't and woo-hoo! to those who will respond in the future. This means YOU!

OK, now that I got that out of the way... I am ready to talk.

I am ready for a change. This week I am dedicating my time to do things differently. I realized I am living my life in a rut doing the same thing over and over again. I say NO MORE!! I am changing every little detail in my life for the next seven days as possible.

Instead of BLAH! dinners I'm going to make fabulous ethnic cuisines
Instead of my beloved White Stripes and Brandi Carlile Albums I'm going to listen to all new bands
Instead of checking my email, I'm going to hand write letters... which BTW I need some of y'all address's so I can write you! Anyone who wants a letter, respond with your address...
Instead of yelling at my three year old, I'm going to learn a new language; together.
Instead of waking up at 6:45 am , I'm going to wake up at 8:00 am OK, um, 6:15 am
Instead of going on-line, I'm going to pick up my fabulous book and read a chapter.
Instead of washing my hair first, I'm going to wash my toes then work my way up to my hair. Yes people, I am making a difference in the world one wash at a time.

Hmm... I can't think of any more changes I can make at the moment. But, if I do, I'm going to do the opposite of what I would normally do!

I declare this is Opposite Week! Who's with me??!!!

((this is the part where you comment))

Oppostie Week In Review

Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments about my opposite week. I had an awesome and wonderful- but sometimes- challenging week. I learned a lot about myself and my children.
For those who didn't know, I didn't check my e-mail, listened to all new music, tried new recipes and did new activities. I called it opposite week. I jumped out of my daily routine and did some exploring. It was quite interesting and exciting.

The first and second day was no big deal. I filled my day with old friends I haven't seen in months because of busy schedules and crazy life obligations. One friend came over for lunch and didn't leave until mid-night. We canceled our day plans and had a great time catching up.
The third day was a challenge. All the excitement of friends being over was, well, over. Back to chores and clean-up. I had to fill my time with new things.

As far as trying new recipes, that was hard! I found out there is a reason why I make the foods I make; because it's EASY! My family eats all meatless/ dairy-free meals so finding new recipes were pretty difficult. I did find some and we all loved them however I did make some recipes I have made before. I need to do more research for more ideas.

My three year old daughter had her first 'play-date'. She learned how to host guests, share her beloved dolls and serve others while in her house. She had a wonderful time and really learned a lot.

Music was another great challenge. Not listening to my favorite radio station and CD's were hard. I listened to a lot of great jazz, some classical and Indie tunes and new garage bands. I found an amazing new artists that I normally wouldn't of listened to before. My personal favorite is Regina Spektor. If there is a such thing as being addicted to a CD then I am guilty. She is fabulous!

My three year old and I started sign-language together. I'm amazed how much she has picked up in a week. We both look forward to time of day when we sit down and study together. Her attitude has changed so much. She is less cranky and mischievous. We are going to continue this together.

As far as my book, Whew! I love it. I read so much during last week. It was so relaxing and wonderful I can't figure out why I haven't been reading it more before.

I wrote a lot of hand-written letters instead of writing e-mails; and it's not even Christmas time! That's something I try to do often anyway, there's nothing like it when you receive one in the mail. But this time I dedicate a block of my time to writing letters. It was really fun and romantic. Thank you to all who gave me your address! If you haven't yet and would like one, send your address to me in a private message.

Well, that's a little taste of what my week was like. Thanks for all your support, I'm glad to be back! However, I do feel I am going to spend less time on the computer. It's nice not feeling my ass getting bigger every time I lazily sit down to use it. Plus, If I'm on the computer it means I'm not doing something else that would be, well, incredible.