Saturday, March 15, 2008

Amish in Denver?

I took Susanna to the Children's museum the other day to meet the cast of Finding Nemo on Ice. I drove my long 67 Olds across town to go to this event. I fought with all the other mini vans and SUV's to find a parking spot in this abnormal shaped parking lot. Actually I gave up quite quickly and parked so far away Susanna thought I had changed my mind and was driving away. We parked, got out the stroller and diaper bag and started to head in the building passing all the other SUV's on foot while they still circled around. (he-he)

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a giant bottle of hand sanitizer that we had to lather ourselves with. I think we were cleaner then then we were when I had my baby at the hospital. For those who only have one or two kids, once you have your third you just don't care anymore. As I recall I had enough people in my delivery room for a football team. It was ridiculous and you think anyone washed there hands? I think not. At least I know I didn't.

Anyway, we are sterile now walking around to her favorite play areas. She played for about a hour before they call over the loud speaker we can line up to meet Nemo, which we did. We waited 45 minutes in line waiting to meet Nemo. When we were two families away from meeting him a lady came out and announced they will be taking a small break for Nemo to rest. Are you kidding me? Rest? Rest what? I'm the one standing in line for almost a hour with two kids, which one has a dirty diaper but I try to ignore it and pass it off as being the two brats in front of us. I will have to admit I did enjoy being behind those terrors because it made mine look like little angels. But what I found extremely interesting was this family behind us. They had six well behaved kids all wearing homemade clothes and the girls wore head scarves with their hair in two thick braids. They looked like they were Amish but I don't remember passing the horse and carriage along with the mini vans in the parking lot. Hmm, they have me puzzled. The way the kids were certainly behaving as Amish. I'm dying to know what their story is and how on earth did they get their six kids to behave so pleasantly. Inside I'm convinced they are Amish. They have to be they look it, act it, snif, even smell like it. What else would they be? Yup, they are Amish. Wait a minute. What do I see in the dad's ear? No, it can't be! A bluetooth? What? Are you kidding? Bluetooth? They can't be Amish now. In fact , that would make me more Amish then they are with a bluetooth in his ear. Boy, tables have turned quickly.

By this time the line was moving and were next. Susanna went up to Nemo said hello, gave him a hug, and said good bye. We were rushed out of there so fast I never got a chance to figure out who or what that family was all about. We walked back slowly to the car when I noticed a hummer parked close to our Oldsmobile. I couldn't help wonder if that was their horse carriage.


Anonymous said...

No one is going to comment?

Anonymous said...

I guess not... Where is everyone?

Kori said...

I will gladly comment; your comment about how after the third kid you don't care anymore made me laugh out loud, because it is so true! If you have FOUR, which I do, it REALLY doesn't matter anymore. With kid # 3, he could pick it up off our floor and eat it, no worries. With #4, as long as it isn't on the floor in a public restroom, and if it was his to begin with, eat away!